Welcome to Planet Walk, A Westcliffe & Silver Cliff Space Odyssey


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Developed  by
Dark Skies
of the Wet Mountain Valley 
The Wet Mountain Valley 
Rotary Club

A Spacewalk down Main Street!

The Planet Walk is an interpretive exhibit of the Solar System at a scale of 4 billion-to-one. At this scale, the Sun is only 14 inches in diameter and Neptune is 3/4 mile away.


The Westcliffe Adventure starts at the west end of Main Street with the inner planets lined up in front of Cliff Lanes. Jupiter is 675 feet away at 103 Main Street. Saturn is downtown in front of the Library. Uranus is 1,125 feet from Saturn in front of Martin and Tope Realty. Neptune is in front of the High School at the intersection of Main Street and Bassick Street.

Beyond Neptune, the Silver Cliff Planet Walk/Ride begins with the Kuiper Belt at the city limits, followed by Halley's Comet at Valley Assisted Living, The Pale Blue Dot at Altitude Fitness, Pluto and the Dwarf Planets at the Silver Dome and the Pioneers at Town Hall.

3 miles east of town, the Frontier Pathways and Scenic Byways Overlook hosts the Voyager Space Craft exhibit and introduces the Planet Walk to travellers stopping for a break.

The Fundamental objective of the [exhibit] is to provide visitors a sense of earth’s place in space, but a larger sense or celebration of the fact we even have the ability to know it; that something the size of [our brain] has the ability to ask questions of the universe …

Planet Walk Station

Planets by Size Scale


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